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Here’s a quick overview of my work experience, education, skills, and the tools I use.



Junior UI Designer

June 2022 - Now


As a way to further my skills as a designer, especially right from the press of the Communication and Multimedia Design study, I took on the challenge of working at a design agency as a junior designer.


Freelance Digital Designer

June 2015 - May 2022


As a way to apply my learnings from the University, I decided to work as a freelance designer. Along the way I've mostly worked on marketing websites for a multitude of clients, but also a video projects.


Gruaduate Intern

September 2021 — February 2022


For my final internship, I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing team of designers while working on a design challenge in the automotive industry. This experience really humbled me in my own skills, while also being an amazing learning journey.


Digital Design Intern

September 2019 — February 2020


During my internship, I've worked alongside the design team on most of the client projects. This includes working with design systems, responsive design, micro-interactions and much more. Alongside this, I've also explored how they might use Notion to better document, which they later implemented.


Junior Graphic Designer

February 2019 — September 2019


After my internship I was eager to keep working, and luckily enough I was able to do so. I worked on many of the brand products, like pitchdecks, investor statements, website elements, etc. Unfortunately had to leave for my new internship at Strakzat.


Experience Design Intern

September 2018 — February 2019


During my first intership I worked with the in-house design team on a multitude of projects. Mainly I've worked on the graphic design, while exploring the world of HMI design every once in a while.


Web Designer



During highschool I started a small business designing and building websites. It didn't last very long unfortunately, but it was a great pressure cooker to learn a lot!



Communication and Multimedia Design

September 2016 — February 2022 (expected)

Having finished highschool, I wanted to further discover my newfound passion for design. The choice wasn't hard to make. An awesome city, and great tutors to guide me along the way. Through the years I've come to find that I'm most passionate about digital product design, and have developed my skills further to suit that. The only thing left now is to complete a graduation internship.

CSG Het Streek

HAVO Technasium

September 2010 — July 2015

During my highschool years I focused more on the technical classes, and therefore chose to follow the technasium program. In this program, we got to work with 'real' design challenges and were my first introduction to design process, albeit more the engineering side of things. Nevertheless, I was very intruiged and picked up learning Photoshop and designing all sorts of things. I even had a small business designing and building websites with a buddy of mine.



I have experience with building websites with Html, Css, and Javascript. Lately I’ve been learning about Eleventy and React. Always eager to learn more about building products.

Component library

I have set up countless component libraries in Figma for our school projects, but also in the real world for freelance work. During my internship at Strakzat I even created Leapfunder's design system.

Usability testing

I’ve tested my designs on usability with my target audience in almost all my projects, to ensure alignment with their goals and needs.

Project management

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Notion for project management with multiple design teams, and even introduced it to the Strakzat team.

Creative sessions

During my studies, I’ve hosted multiple creative sessions with our target audience and/or stakeholders.



Design systems, design, prototyping, branding

Since 2018

Figma is definitely my favorite tool, and I'm curious about the future of the company. Ever since I switched from Adobe XD my days have never been better! I'm constantly trying to push myself, creating complex prototypes, extensive component libraries with variants, and collaborating with others.


Documentation, project management

Since 2018

Ever since I've discovered Notion, my life has never been as well documented. It started out as a humble sprint board for our team project, and I've been adding everything from my life since. I try to convince my design teams to work with Notion, since I believe it's a great way to collaborate, document, and keep everything within one centralized tool.


Creative session, (visual) documentation

Since 2019

Miro has been a recent addition to my toolbelt, but definitely important as well. I'm currently visualizing my entire design process here. From conception, to research, concepting, development, testing, and everything that could be relevant. Recently I've also been hosting several remote creative sessions with stakeholders and users.



Since 2020

Building websites just as I design them has been such a time saver on freelance projects. Having had the experience of developing websites with html, css, and javascript, it's been an easy switch, but a real time saver. I've been using it for my portfolio and freelance client projects ever since. It's especially helpful for my clients to edit their own websites.

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